i like making things

I am an environmental media maker. I talk about science, climate justice, and eco-activism on my YouTube channel, zentouro . I also write and host the PBS Digital Show, Hot Mess.

The logo for the zentouro YouTube channel: a glowing leaf with a lightning bolt shape inside.


Climate change can be complicated, but getting answers shouldn't be. On zentouro, we talk about climate change, the environment, and how we can create a better future for everyone. The videos cover everything from wonky policy moonshots, to pipeline protests, and how to deal with eco-anxiety. The channel aims to communicate climate and environmental stories that go beyond the headlines and create a supportive, energized digital space for anyone concerned and activated in the climate crisis.

The logo of Hot Mess, a PBS Digital Show. Hot Mess is written in curvey font on a red, flame-like circle.

Hot Mess PBS

Hot Mess is a show about how climate change impacts all of us, and about how we can create a better future for our planet and ourselves. The videos are hosted by me and my friends Talia Buford and Joe Hanson with special guest dropping in from time to time.

Miriam wears a virtual reality headset, one hand is in focus holding the device's vr remote toward the viewer. The lighting is pink and purple.

Previously On

I used to work at The Verge as the Lead Science Video director.

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i enjoy partnering with non profits and enviornmental organizations to amplify their work.